About AGILE & LEAN [means]®

AGILE & LEAN [means], a Value Vectors LLC business, is a Silicon Valley based training, coaching and consulting company founded by Lejla Čizmić. With AGILE & LEAN [means] we help individuals and companies deliver the desired transformation and optimization results by utilizing Agile and Lean frameworks and custom process methodologies.

We provide private and public Coaching and Training focusing on Problem Solving Techniques, Agile, Scrum and Lean in Software, Hardware, Startup and Enterprise environments.               

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Process efficiency without a genuine focus on an individual is like a body without a soul, a life without love, coffee without sugar - bland, emotionless and purely mechanical.

To make transformations successful and to create a culture of learning and optimization, we must focus on human perception and perspectives as the integral mechanisms that are guiding all  of our activities. Because of this, not only do we use Agile & Lean methodologies to attain corporate or personal goals, we also continuously optimize our methods based on the latest learning from the fields of cognitive psychology, linguistics and organizational development.

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A person's perception triggers motivation, which in turn is the starting point for all action. How we process information that leads to our own perceptions is at the heart of both cognitive psychology and linguistics.

As we move outward from the complexity of an individual to complexities of systems of individuals as they are found in corporate and organizational environments, the number of possible variables that can affect the strategic goal attainment also drastically increases. So the research and learnings from the organizational development field also becomes critical for a successful and sustainable agile and lean transformations and optimizations.

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Lejla Čizmić - Founder, CEO


Lejla Čizmić is a wife, mother, an entrepreneur and an Agile and Lean Coach. After a decade+ of maximizing value as a Business Operations, Software Program Manager and an Enterprise Agile & Lean Coach for a number of Fortune 50 companies in Silicon Valley, she formed Value Vectors LLC | AGILE & LEAN [means]. With this she combined her two lifelong passions, the academic background in Liberal Arts (human perception, linguistics, learning etc.) and her corporate experience utilizing Agile and Lean methods to achieve business results.

She is a certified Scaled Agile Professional (SPC4) with experiences ranging from implementing Lean in a Software Startup within an Enterprise environment with a dozen of scrum teams and one release train to implementing Enterprise Agile Frameworks and Lean Manufacturing methods in a Hardware Manufacturing environment with 400+ scrum teams and over 20 release trains.

Over the years she's gained valuable insights by performing different agile roles at all levels: from being a Scrum Master at the team level to being a in charge of value streams at the portfolio level. Furthermore, she's passionately evangelized lean experimentation to teams outside the product development borders, thus helping teams such as marketing de-risk campaigns and gain invaluable customer insights in a structured, repeatable way.

The agile and lean colleagues that she handpicks to collaborate with share her passions for transforming  businesses, creating value for clients and end users all while keeping the mindset and sentiments of the individual as such at the forefront (see "About Our Approach above).